Audiology Clinic for Children

Listening Works provides detailed Auditory Processing assessments of children.

Children with Auditory Processing (AP) difficulties often present with hearing, learning or behaviour problems. These difficulties are generally not well understood. Problems increase when their origins are not recognised.

Clinical Service

Our special interest is children with learning and language problems, including:

- central auditory processing difficulties,
- conductive hearing loss,
- delayed language skills,
- behaviour problems.

AP assessment includes standard hearing testing.
Written reports provide advice and strategies for helping children with identified problems.

Standard Audiology

Testing is also provided for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.
If hearing loss is suspected, full audiological assessment is needed as soon as possible.
Complications can develop when deficits are not recognised.

Audiologists – available by appointment

Jenny Michael  BSc, DipAud, MAudSA(CC)
Lois Grant  BSc, MClinAud, MEd, MAudSA(CC)
Lesley Tan  MSc, DipEd, MEd, DipAud, MAudSA

point Location:

Our clinic is in the Hawthorn / Malvern area.
Parking is available and we're also close to public transport.

For appointments or enquiries, please email, or call 0414 937506  (Melbourne)

  Fax: (03) 98220256